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The Grounds

The Ultimate Log Cabin Rental Experience in Coshocton, Ohio.

We built the cabins; Nature did the rest.

The grounds of Luxury Country Cabins.
Luxury Country Cabins boasts 100 acres of woods and fields overlooking Coshocton County and is home to some of the most beautiful scenery and nature in Ohio. While each of our cabins have their own private outdoor accommodations, our guests will also have access to the grounds, which offer many unique experiences.


Hike the rolling hills of Coshocton.

You’ll find hidden gems along the way.
Many of our guests enjoy hiking along our trail that encircles the 100-acre property.  Depending on the time of year, a variety of nature can be viewed on your stroll.  You do not have to bring hiking gear, just put on some good shoes, take a quick walk out of your cabin door and you are on your way to a stress relieving journey.  There are a variety of animals and vegetation that call our land home.  Feel free to hand pick a few apples from our apple trees or create a bouquet from our sunflower and wildflower fields.  Bring your camera and catch a screech owl sleeping in one of our bird houses or a wood duck floating in our pond. The possibilities are endless.

Along your hike, you may notice wildlife observation blinds.  These are our favorite spots to watch for deer, turkey, bobcats, and red foxes.  The covered observation blinds truly allow you to watch these beautiful animals at play in their natural habitat.  We have food plots of clover, turnips, and brassicas as well as feeders to draw the wildlife right to you.  To add to your experience, you can check out our observation blinds in the morning or evening for stunning sunrises and sunsets. Grab some blankets, binoculars, a nice hot beverage, and (of course) a camera and take advantage of a unique vantage point.  After all is said and done, we’d love to see what beauty you were able to capture; we may even post your photo on our website.

Once you utilized our hiking trails and nature observation areas, gather the family or your friends and take a fun picture by our vintage John Deere Tractor in front of our large barn.  Families have really taken some great shots utilizing this unique prop and it can be a great memento of your stay with us.  It may not run like it used to, but it can certainly make for a beautiful picture backdrop.


You’ll enjoy more than just hiking.

Everyone can find an outdoor adventure here.Like to fish? Bring along your fishing gear and fish in our trophy stocked pond.  We have a variety of species of fish and water fowl that live in our pond.  We have also constructed many duck and bird houses to bring you even more nature viewing.

Luxury Country Cabin Tipi

Ever wonder what it was like to live in a tipi? Well, if you stay with us you can get a glimpse in our very own Native American tipi created by the very same outfit that constructed the tipis for the famous movie “Dances with Wolves.”  The tipi can comfortably accommodate your group for a gathering and the kids will absolutely love it.  This is a one-of-a-kind experience that only our guests have access to.

Should you choose to leave your own private cabin, you won’t regret the experiences you will have while exploring our grounds.  We encourage you to get out and take full advantage of everything our grounds have to offer.  Adults and kids alike will be delighted in what they will see every step of the way.

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